Editorial - Monday, August 18: Where’s the Valley spirit?

I DON'T know about you but I am really sick and tired of hearing the phrase 'Us and Them' bandied around when things go pear-shaped or aren't done in this Valley!

I am over small-mindedness, bickering, whining, blaming and narrow minds of some people who sound like a broken record and like our politicians who suffer badly from verbal diarrhea and fear syndrome.

Not that long ago this Valley had something that could best be described as a backbone, where the community rolled up its sleeves, worked together and got on with the job of innovation, hard work and vision.

This valley produced national and international leaders in horse breeding (Charles Tindal), human anatomy (Sir Grafton Elliot Smith), photography (Otto Fuchs), war strategy (Sir Charles Chauvel), illustration (Neville Cayley), sport (Henry Searle and Jack Marsh), aviation (Tse Tsan Tai), adventure (Goya Henry) and politics (Jessie Street).

I am in awe of these people who dared to think outside the square, who backed themselves and believed they could make a difference - their legacy is felt around the world today.

We live in a unique and extraordinary part of the world where our playground, Mother Nature, is the envy of most, our architecture has stood the test of time and our community resilience is second to none.

What is happening here in the Valley on the employment front has happened before and business leaders adjusted and re-invented themselves. These are exciting cycles to grow your business and communities in.

The Clarence Valley is sitting on a precipice.

We desperately need our community and business leaders to put the Valley's interests ahead of political interests.

We need strong people at the top who lead with vision, integrity, passion and innovation.

Perhaps it's time for all those armchair critics to ask themselves this very important question, "What can you do for the Clarence Valley?" instead of "What can the Clarence Valley do for you?"

Until we are all batting on the same team, we will go nowhere.

Debrah Novak

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