White turns summer series gold

GRAFTON Cycle Club’s Matt White has claimed the Summer Series gold jersey after finishing second to fellow scratch-man, Mark Gilmore on Saturday.

Matt left it to very late in the season to strip the jersey off Andrew Davidson who seemed to have it for most of the year. But once Matt got his hands on it his grip tightened to vice-like.

It was a fitting finale to what has been an outstanding summer series at Trenayr. Saturday’s race was typically tough, even though the field was just 20 strong.

The back-markers Mark Gilmore, Matt White, Dion Wilkes, Zac McKenzie, Garry Reardon and Greg Coombes were giving Rosemary 10 minutes start.

Five minutes behind Rosemary were Craig McKenzie, Rhonda Thew and Andrew Davidson, who were only one minute ahead of Kelsey Wilkes, Patrick Brennan and Danny Drewe.

A further one-and-a-half minutes back were Col Walters, Michael White and Andrew Weatherstone.

It was only a further minute back to Jason Greene, Brady Ingram, John Harrison and Mitch Monkhouse, with a further 90 seconds to the scratch bunch.

Ultimately the scratch bunch worked just too well to be denied. Craig McKenzie had ridden away from his bunch on the way up from the first turn, and looked to be some sort of a chance to win.

Down to the second turn it was the field against the scratch bunch with Jason Greene, Mitch Monkhouse and Scrub Ingram throwing it all on the table as was heavy hitter, John Harrison.

Back up Experimental Farm Road they were all together.

The scratch bunch had caught everyone but Rosemary and Craig, and were being well-mannered enough. Dion, then Matt and Mark all upped the pace wreaking havoc in the field up to the TAFE.

Rosemary was caught just on the Trenayr Road turn and Craig shortly after.

The run to the finish was very solid and only the strong riders could match the pace back down Baileys.

Five hundred out, first Dion attacked, followed by Zac and then Mark, Matt and a very patient Garry Reardon finished it off.

Mitch Monkhouse gained an excellent fourth and Kelsey Wilkes, who just would not be shaken by the vigorous attacks, came in fifth. First unplaced junior was Patrick Brennan.

The season saw all of the juniors improve dramatically.

Every one of them is riding stronger, smarter and keenly.

Several of the more mature bunch continue to hold their own, and promise to be there again in a couple of weeks for the winter season on Saturday afternoon.

That race time suits our members from Maclean and Yamba and we look forward to welcoming them back.

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