Auribus members (from left) Shekinah Hope, Robbie Kae, Anthony McLeod and Antony Ratzer, will say farewell to local fans at the Great Northern on Saturday night.
Auribus members (from left) Shekinah Hope, Robbie Kae, Anthony McLeod and Antony Ratzer, will say farewell to local fans at the Great Northern on Saturday night.

Who is this Auribus?

TO SAY Saturday night's show at the Great Northern Hotel, Grafton, marks an important step for Auribus is an understatement.

It is the band's chance to say goodbye to their loyal legion of local fans before heading off to chase fame and fortune in Sydney.

In October, the band will compete in the Australian semi-final of international band competition Emergenza, with first prize of the Australian leg a place in the international final in Germany.

The talent in the band is unquestionable, but does Auribus have everything it takes to make it in the big smoke?




Robbie Kae, Shekinah Hope, Anthony McLeod, Antony Ratzer.

The move

Auribus is taking the next step in its musical journey and making an indefinite move to Sydney as of next week.

Band members say the Sydney move had always been in the back of their minds but it was just a matter of when.

After long thought and discussion, they finally made the decision in July that it was time.


Anthony, Antony, Robbie and Shekinah aspire to take Auribus to the world and make a career out of entertaining and playing music for the people.

It's a life-long dream for all members of Auribus to achieve this.

Additionally, Robbie hopes to one day be a recognised sound producer while Shekinah hopes to one day headline her own shows and Antony would like to be an active member of several bands (including a punk band).

Anthony wants to be a recognised as an influential guitarist.


Auribus has been fortunate enough to have access to Robbie Kae's father's home studio, where they have recorded more than 20 original songs.

They've also produced they're own EP, which they often bring along to live shows where fans can get their hands on them.

Sound of Auribus

People who have heard Auribus have often and consistently said that they have a sound much like that of Maroon 5, with a mixture of Thirsty Merc as well as a classic '80s feel to their music.

It makes for a refreshing and new sound in today's music scene.


Part of the Emergenza contest is promoting your band in the lead-up to the show.

When Auribus first entered, and got their ticket book, two close friends of the band, who happen to be Sydney-based, put their hands up to sell tickets for the Grafton and Coffs Harbour-based musos.

The friends had a month to sell 100 tickets and throughout the month the band kept checking in with them, receiving comforting responses assuring them the sales were going well and that there would be about 60 tickets left by the time the contest came around.

Not bad for a band that wasn't in Sydney yet.

"We arrived in Sydney and when we met up with our friends to get the money for the tickets and the left-over tickets in the book, we nearly died," said guitarist Anthony McLeod.

"No tickets had been 'sold', only 20 people had said they were attending and buying tickets at the door on the night of the show.

"You can imagine how big we felt when the officials asked us for our tickets sold and remaining ticket book.

"They looked at us like we were a bunch of losers who didn't care about the contest or trying to get through.

"Much to their surprise, we came to the show, rocked the stage and of the 20 people we brought along, a further 60 attendees voted for us to secure our spot in the semi- finals."


Robbie Kae (vocals, keytar)

Maroon 5, Thirsty Merc, Michael Jackson, Prince, Jamiroquai, Queen

Shekinah Hope (vocals, keyboard)

Jason Miraz, Switchfoot, Stevie Wonder, Katy Perry, Tracy Chapman

Anthony McLeod (guitar)

Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Mayer, Eric Johnson, David Lee Roth, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban

Antony Ratzer (drums)

Dave Mathews Band, Steve Gadd, Neil Pert, Phil Collins, Saosin, Matchbox 20, Marvin Gaye

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