Pilot and farmer, Ian Gillies, has registered with My Health Record.
Pilot and farmer, Ian Gillies, has registered with My Health Record.

Why keeping a digital health record is important

KEEPING your health records in the digital age is easy, and can be very important should an emergency occur, a spokesperson from the North Coast Primary Health Network said.

Registrations for My Health Record - a digital health record containing important information which can be easily accessed in an emergency - are steadily increasing.

But it seems consumers are still not sure about the benefits of having this digital record.

For Ian Gillies, a pilot and farmer, the benefits of My Health Record were made plain when he found himself rushed to hospital.

"It was my son's birthday and I visited him in Sydney to celebrate," he said.

"We checked into the hotel and three hours later I was in the back of the ambulance on the way to hospital.

"They found I had a thing called pancreatitis.

"After four days in hospital, I talked them into letting me out as long as I went to see my doctor for important follow up work as soon as I got home.

"When I got to my doctor I realised the hospital hadn't given me any information about the treatment I needed.

"Luckily my doctor checked My Health Record and within a minute was able to find details of what needed to be done to look after me."

Your My Health Record could contain:

  • Medicines prescribed by your doctor
  • Your Medicare claims history
  • Immunisations recorded in the Australian Immunisation Register.

Your doctors and other health professionals may be able to see and add information to your My Health Record, including:

  • A summary of your medical history, conditions and treatments
  • Hospital discharge information
  • Ultrasound or x-ray results
  • Pathology reports such as blood tests
  • Specialist letters

You can add:

  • Any allergies and adverse reactions you may have
  • Emergency contacts and their details
  • Your personal health notes
  • Other over the counter medicines or vitamins you are taking

How you can register:

  • Go to the My Health Record website at: myhealthrecord.gov.au
  • Call the Help line on 1800 723 471
  • Visit your GP and ask for their help in registering
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders can call 1800 723 471

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