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Why we're for you, now and always

FOR many people, getting their local news fix is as essential as their morning cup of coffee.

But local journalism goes well beyond just meeting a need for basic information and connection with your community.

For many decades, regional newspapers have campaigned strongly for their communities, kept local politicians and councils accountable, helped families in need, and crusaded for changes which have resulted in improvements for all of us to enjoy.

In the age of online news and information, that local service is needed more than ever.

But the explosion of giants such as Facebook and Google, which employ surprisingly few people compared to their obscene wealth, has put local news services at greater risk.

That's why media organisations have been forced to change their business models to compete.

One of the biggest changes, of course, has been the introduction of digital subscriptions which has already resulted in tens of thousands of people signing up for local news across our network.

Some people ask why they have to pay for their news.

The simple answer is that journalists, photographers and editors, who often work long hours, need to be paid.

When was the last time you got in a taxi and expected a free ride?

Sure, there is free news everywhere - as we provide on breaking and key public and community information items.

But good, local journalism takes time, effort and money.

A court reporter, for example, may sit in a courtroom for hours to gather information for one story.

Someone investigating a complex story may spend weeks or even months on it, while doing other stories in between.

Each day, local newspapers, and their websites, provide stories that no one else has.

Without that work, many issues, problems, and indeed scandals would go unreported.

In a world becoming increasingly global, local news organisations are more vital than ever to ensure we stay connected.

We're For You and will always be.

A Daily Examiner subscription gives you full digital access to all the important local stories, as well as the best stories from our partners across News Corp sites.

For a limited time, we have an exceptional deal on offer which includes a Samsung Galaxy Tablet and a year's subscription for $364. That's less than $1 day.

It's far less than the cost of a cup of coffee to ensure you're the first to know all the local news.

Find out more at or phone 1300 361 604.

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