Sunshine Coast animal refuge are doing adoption drive for dogs. Penny Brischke with (right) Malty, 6, and Matty, 7.
Sunshine Coast animal refuge are doing adoption drive for dogs. Penny Brischke with (right) Malty, 6, and Matty, 7. Patrick Woods

Why you should adopt a pet and not buy one this Christmas

SUNSHINE Coast Animal Refuge (SCAR) is urging residents to adopt instead of buying any pets this Christmas.

SCAR centre manager Penny Brischke said there were plenty of dogs and cats looking for forever homes at the Coast rescue facility.

She said when one of the animals there found a home it was extremely special.

One of those special instances occurred recently when Michelle Mingan adopted long-term refuge resident Lillian the cat.

Michelle said adopting Lillian hadn't just been a happy-ending for the cat, but it was also a happy-ending for her family.

"It's an unfortunate story but we had a horrible neighbour that believed our cats shouldn't be out in our yard and killed them," she said.

Lillian the cat.
Lillian the cat.

"All of our animals have been rescue animals, so once we got over what happened we decided we needed to bring life into our house again because it was just so quiet.

"So we went to the refuge and we weren't fussed about age, we were just looking for an animal that would suit our house because we have children and another dog and wanted a pet that could be an indoor animal."

Michelle said she knew the family had found the perfect match when they met Lillian.

"She stood out and came right to us," she said.

"We took the dog into the refuge and they got along just fine and she just seemed to be the one that took the most to us when we went."

Michelle said Lillian had settled in just fine at their home.

"She walked in on the first day, took a look around and then jumped on the couch and made herself at home," she said.

Michelle said she'd always choose to rescue an animal and encouraged others to do the same.

"There so many reasons why it's good to adopt," she said.

"For starters they need a home and you have the ability to let the pet choose you. You also get an idea of whether the animal will be ok in your home. You're much better able to suit a pet to an appropriate home when you rescue. And also you know rescued pets are healthy."

All of the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge's animals up for adoption are able to be viewed at:

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