CROSS HAIR: Wild predatory dogs are costing farmers.
CROSS HAIR: Wild predatory dogs are costing farmers. Jordan Philp

WILD DOGS: Who will be attacked next?

IT WAS a scary moment for Shelly Roberts when she heard a big pack of wild dogs only 100 metres away from her and her children.

They were fixing a fence on their property at Fine Flower, when suddenly she heard howling.

"We ran to the car and got out of there,” she said.

This isn't the only time wild dogs have come a little too close for comfort on their property.

"I've been confronted by a pack of seven dogs outside my kitchen,” she said.

"I've got a four-year-old and a five-year-old... it's scary, but (wild dogs) are a reality out here.”

After a string of attacks over the last few years, on Friday night their five-month-old foal was attacked by wild dogs.

"Half her hoof nail got ripped off. She will be fine though,” Mrs Roberts said.

"Our dogs told us the dingoes were there, we went out and had a look and there was a wild dog stuck in one of our ostrich pens.”

But this isn't the first time one of their horses has been attacked.

"We've had two attacks on the horses, one was a miniature horse, which I have since sold so she didn't get attacked again,” Mrs Roberts said.

"She had scratches down her side from claws and teeth.”

Mrs Roberts has also lost sheep in the past to wild dogs, and she's afraid, as they get more brazen, they could attack her young children.

"I don't let the kids go out after dark, they can't camp in the back paddock, they have to stay in the house area,” she said.

The Roberts have been working with the Local Land Services to manage the wild dogs on their property, doing baiting programs and courses for trapping and poison.

"I think it's making a difference, but the problem is it is that bad, it's going to take everyone to (get rid of them),” she said.

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