OPINION: Wind farms affect logic

OPINION, by Tim Howard - DEX reporter

AFTER listening to our Prime Minister Tony Abbott's arguments for a Wind Farm Commissioner, I'm starting to see an unhealthy effect these machines are having.

It could be described as 'the wind farm effect' and it harms logic and clear thinking.

But then again, the decision has a lot to do with politics and not so much with science, so we should not be too surprised.

Given Mr Abbott's shaky grasp of science - in 2011 he told the world via the John Laws talkback show that "carbon dioxide is invisible, it's weightless and it's odourless" - his interest in the effects of infrasounds generated by wind farms is perplexing.

All the serious scientific studies - the ones that don't have serious flaws when examined in detail - are flat out finding any of these sounds or any health effects that could be related to wind farms.

The wind farm effect is also hitting home with other critics of wind farms.

Take Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm. Normally a critic of big government, he has latched onto the idea of a Wind Farm Commissioner, like a drowning man to a straw.

His floundering argument - he acknowledges scientists can't find a single health effect from wind farms - is there are so many anecdotal stories about wind farms causing health problems we need to keep looking.

Environment Minister Greg Hunt could be another victim.

Two years ago Mr Hunt, with the PM's help, got rid of the Climate Change Commissioner, Tim Flannery, on the grounds that he was too expensive.

A Wind Farm Commissioner - tasked with taking complaints and passing them onto state authorities - is a wholly different animal it seems.

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