Seized illicit drugs.
Seized illicit drugs.

Woman caught at jail with ecstasy

A BALLINA woman has been sentenced for supplying the party drug ecstasy after she was caught with 14 pills in her car when visiting Grafton jail.

Melissa Jayne Reid received a suspended jail sentence at Grafton District Court on Tuesday after pleading guilty to supplying a prohibited drug.

The 47-year-old told the court she purchased 14 ecstasy pills for a friend who was going to pay her back for the drugs when they were dropped off.

Before that could happen, however, the drugs were discovered by police after Reid tried to visit an ex-boyfriend in Grafton jail.

She was stopped in the visitor's area and subjected to random drug screening by sniffer dogs.

Believing she had handled drugs, Corrective Services officers detained Reid for a police search.

When told she and her car would be searched, Reid admitted to police that she had some 'smoko' in the car, meaning cannabis.

Police discovered under the driver's seat in her car a bag of cannabis and a bag containing the 14 ecstasy tablets.

Reid later told them the cannabis was for her own personal use, but the other drugs she had collected for a friend.

The mother-of-four told the court she was not expecting to make any money from the deal and only bought the ecstasy as a favour for a friend.

She had no prior convictions for drug offences.

Reid told the court she had experienced a traumatic childhood at the hands of her alcoholic mother and frequently absent father.

Since leaving home at the age of 16, she was involved in a series of abusive relationships, the last of which resulted in her pressing assault charges.

Reid was given a 15-month suspended jail sentence and put on a good behaviour bond.

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