No bail for 'serial stalker'

ACCUSED serial stalker Charmaine Anderson wasarrested at Kmart in Lismore buying a tent after a two-year police search for the mother who is now charged with ongoing harassment and stalking of Department of Community Services staff.

Anderson is accused of threatening staff with ‘reprisals by God’ over the removal by DoCS of her child.

Anderson, 56, from Lismore, but now living on the Gold Coast, is charged with a series of stalking/intimidation offences, including the sending of hundreds of harassing emails, many with religious overtones and calling for DoCS staff to repent their sins.

A Legal Aid lawyer has been also subjected to her alleged stalking, along with a Ballina police detective.

Anderson is also accused of carrying out letterbox drops of hundreds of leaflets defaming (and intimidating) a DoCS worker in the residential neighbourhood where he lived, causing fear to his family. Phone text messages are also alleged to have been sent.

Anderson, who is pleading not guilty to all charges, was refused bail in the Lismore Local Court this week and the matter adjourned. Her arrest followed extensive police publicity this month about the search for her.

DoCS even hired a private investigator in a desperate attempt to help police find her.

Police documents reveal the mother accused DoCS of stealing her child who was removed from her in 2004 and placed in the care of the Community Services Minister.

CARE proceedings began soon after Anderson was alleged to have left her child in a Lismore park.

The stalking charges include allegations she caused fear to a DoCS worker at Alstonville in March 29 by leaving two pieces of paper inside her letterbox.

One regarded Earth Day and accused the DoCS employee of leaving her lights on. The second note, with a religious context, made reference to children in care, its content said by police to be similar to numerous letters received by two male colleagues at DoCS since 2004.

Anderson faces three charges involving one DoCS worker; stalking/intimidating to cause fear; using a carriage service to menace/harass on February 9 in which hundreds of emails were alleged to have been sent; and using a postal service to menace with letters of a biblical nature that were ‘vexatious and defamatory’ telling him to repent his sins.

With a ‘jesus reigns’ email address, Anderson is alleged to have sent numerous emails to a DoCS staffer accusing him of ‘corruptly and illegally’ removing her child. Police state the ‘rantings’ held biblical quotes threatening reprisals by God over her son’s removal.

The man showed investigating detectives 126 emails with religious overtones he believed were sent by Anderson. He told police he had deleted a similar number.

Defamatory material (with a photo) was also sent to a child care centre attended by the child of a DoCS worker.

Anderson is also charged with intimidating a police officer on March 26 at Ballina, and using the postal service to menace/harass the officer after sending the detective a letter with biblical connotations stating ‘WARNING Repent and ask Jesus to come into your life before it is too late!’.

The detective was involved in the investigation over the ongoing intimidation and harassment of DoCS and NSW Legal Aid employees.

When arrested Anderson told police she was in NSW to do work experience with the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions. She was in possession of leaflets accusing one of the DoCS staff of corrupt and unlawful behaviour.

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