Wooli alliance ready to talk

 Greens candidate for Clarence Janet Cavanaugh
Greens candidate for Clarence Janet Cavanaugh

KEEN to set the record straight with Greens Candidate for Clarence, Janet Cavanaugh, the Coastal Communities Protection Alliance – Wooli (CCPA) has invited her to have a discussion with the wider community.

According to the CCPA spokesperson Peter Dunn, Ms Cavanaugh has labelled the campaign to protect Wooli from the planned retreat policy proposed in the latest Draft Coastal Management Plan as “misguided” and supported by misinformation.

“These comments were made without consultation with either the CCPA or the Wooli community,” Mr Dunn said.

“We’d welcome the opportunity to clarify the campaign’s aims with her and hopefully find common ground from which we can tackle this challenge.

“Protection of real estate is only a small part of the story – social justice is not being done to Wooli. Our priority is to prevent the dismantling of this community and loss of its unique natural environment through lack of consultation and unwillingness to consider alternatives.”

Mr Dunn admits the CCPA does not at all condone a strategy that involves retreat as the first and only option.

“The inference that we are advocating building walls along the coastline is unfounded. CCPA has never suggested this for Wooli. But there are plenty of cost-effective, successfully implemented options around the world worth researching,” he said.

“We don’t endorse a strategy that involves retreat as the first and only response to threats from natural forces. In the past, Clarence Valley Council hasn’t just allowed nature to take its course – it has been proactive in managing environmental threats like floodplain inundation, bushfire hazard and river and coastal erosion.”

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