Wooli locals call for compassion

WOOLI residents concerned the Clarence Valley Council may let their homes fall into the sea are calling for a more compassionate approach.

The residents, who recently formed a group the Coastal Community Protection Alliance – Wooli (CCPA) – say they want to work with other coastal communities to develop a statewide affiliation of similarly threatened communities keen to preserve and protect their communities and environments.

The CCPA was formed after the Clarence Valley Council released a report suggesting a policy of “planned retreat” be adopted for sections of Wooli identified as being at risk from erosion and climate change.

Head of the newly formed group, Bruce Bird, said residents were more than willing to work with the council on alternatives to the plan.

He said the group was “strongly united” and condemned the council’s planned retreat strategy as simplistic and premature.

It will work to prevent its approval.

“The CCPA is actively seeking support from other coastal communities who face government responses that ignore life-changing social and environmental effects of hasty, incompletely researched and poorly presented plans,” he said.

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