Iluka waste depot staff at work.
Iluka waste depot staff at work. Contributed

World first to improve waste management at Iluka

ILUKA is the site for a world first, with Clarence Valley Council adopting a new method of dealing with waste at the Iluka Waste Transfer Station.

The Contained Waste Transfer System is an Australian invention, and is a simple and cost effective solution that Contained Waste Solutions innovations manager Grant Lacey hopes will revolutionise the waste transfer industry.

"The waste transfer industry is hungry for solutions that improve recycling and safety," he said.

The system is centred on specially designed open fronted loader bins, which are arranged into bays at ground level. Customers can load their waste into the corresponding bucket depending on the waste being dumped.

The waste bays are in separate, contained work zones, and when the bin is full they are attached to loaders where they are transported to sorting zones.

"The new system is focused on safety and simplicity, combined with a system that allows the public to be separated from the machinery," Mr Lacey said. "The loader attaches to the open fronted bin, so there's no potential of falling into a bin or pit and injuring yourself.

"It's much easier on residents including the elderly as they no longer need to lift and throw waste items over a barrier or wall into the bin, reducing the potential of back injuries and strain."

The new waste system was developed with Clarence Valley Council and MI Organics.

The system has been in development for a number of years, and Contained Waste Solutions hope after a successful launch in Iluka the system can solve waste transfer problems across the globe.

Mr Lacey said Contained Waste Solutions are looking into the option of manufacturing the product in the Clarence Valley, which could provide increased employment and investment in the area.

The new transfer station concept will assist Clarence Valley Council to meet the new stringent regulatory requirements being enforced by the EPA and Workplace Health and Safety.

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