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Anyone for Mexican?

POPULAR Mexican restaurant chain Burrito Bar put the feelers out on Facebook to gauge the market for a potential store in Grafton.

The sponsored post cleverly stated "We have hears some rumours that the Burrito Bar may be opening at Grafton".

The response was overwhelming, as tastebuds salivated over the thought of "delicious cocktails, Mexi fries, ribs, burritos and tacos". The post, which has since been taken down from the Burrito Bar Facebook page, yielded no less than 259 reactions, 81 comments and 33 shares.


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While 40 minutes away Yamba's The Mexican is often crowded on an otherwise quiet night in Coldstream St, there is no Mexican on the menu any closer to home for Grafton residents.

Austin & Co Waterside Dining in Duke St did dabble in a wild west American style menu with some spicy delights, it has since reverted back to a more traditional lunchtime menu.



A quick search on Trip Advisor reveals there is a Lobo's Place which serves Mexican food in Grafton, Wiconsin. But is it time to put Grafton, NSW, on the map for Mexican cuisine?

Perhaps so, judging by the social media reaction.

However, Burrito Bar management informed The Daily Examiner there were no official plans to open a franchise in Grafton. Instead, the intention of the sponsored post was simply to 'test the water' and that they would let us know if there were any further plans to come to town.

The predominantly Brisbane based chain currently has 19 restaurants, with all except one in Ballina Central located in Queensland.

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