Yamba revs up the streets

DOLLED UP: Tiffany Dylan of Brisbane is at the annual Yamba Hot Rod Run on Saturday.
DOLLED UP: Tiffany Dylan of Brisbane is at the annual Yamba Hot Rod Run on Saturday. Debrah Novak

YAMBA was chock full of people on Saturday for the Hot Rod Run, where people from far and wide came to celebrate and admire cars from throughout the ages.

Thousands of people wandered through the CBD, enjoying the wonderful food Yamba has to offer while gazing across the colourful, busy streets.

Roy Short from Borderline Hot Rod Club was showing off his 1928 A Model Pick Up that reminded him of learning to drive on a tobacco farm at 10 years of age.

After buying the hot rod 14 years ago, Mr Short is still working on the pick up all the time.

"I don't know whether we love them; we do like them. You've got to be able to do them," he said about spending the time and effort on restoring the cars.

"You've got to build them yourself or get someone who has an interest in them to do them."

Mr Short added that a lot of people would love to own hot rods, but not everyone can.

"It's just having the skills and the know how to feel your way through it," he said.

Mr Short added that his A Model Pick Up held a bit of a special spot for him in his memory.

"It was the car that (we had) when I was younger, so you carry that on when you get older," he said.

"I used to drive around on the tobacco farms in a 1928 A Model - they were sedans with the back cut out of them and they had buck boards on the back of them.

"We used to cut tobacco and carry it around in the back of them."

Mr Short, who is from Ballina, has been a part of the Borderline Hot Rod Club for about 13 years.

"It's a good group of guys and it's something to do for the weekends and enjoy yourself," he said.

This isn't Mr Short's first time to Yamba either.

"I've been coming here for years and years," he said.

Along side his 1928 A Model Pick Up, Mr Short has a few other vintage cars, but they weren't on show this weekend.

"This is the hot rod club, the other ones are different cars, I'm pretty proud of this one," he said.

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