Yamba riot police inquiry launched

AN INQUIRY into the preparation of the police brief that led to the controversial Yamba Riot trial verdict will be launched by NSW police commissioner Andrew Scipione.

Although he declined to comment on Magistrate John Andrews' written judgment which mentioned collusion by officers, Mr Scipione said they would get to the bottom of why the police lost the trial.

He said the NSW Police department was awaiting a decision by Mr Andrews concerning costs applications by the defendants.

“Any failed prosecution is subject to review by the appropriate Complaint Management Team,” Mr Scipione said.

“A report is being prepared by prosecutors before this particular matter proceeds any further.”

In a recent interview on Sydney radio station 2GB, Mr Scipione said the inquiry would look at how the police brief was constructed.

“If this prosecution has failed because we need to improve the way we do things then again that's the thing we will get to the bottom of,” he said.

Mr Scipione said the failure to get convictions against any of the accused adults fell entirely on the shoulders of the police involved and the brief they prepared.

“The fact is that prosecutors don't prepare briefs, they simply prosecute matters,” he said.

He condemned the actions of party goers which resulted in a police car being torched.

“The fact is a police car was burnt, people rioted,” he said.

“No one should be allowed to get away with that.”

Prosecutor Bob Anzac will go to Sydney next week to seek advice on the case from senior prosecutors before the juvenile trial date is determined on May 30.

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