ORGANISERS were so impressed with the local community over the weekend, they've vowed to bring the Yamba Triathlon back again and again.

Elite Energy chief executive Mark Emerton said he was overwhelmed by how much support both the event and the competitors received.

"All the little cafes had posters in their windows," Emerton said.

"And then when we went through Wooloweyah, people were all out on the picnic tables to show their support.

"That is the sort of stuff that really makes an event.

"The athletes are happy, the community was patient, and that just makes it all work well."

Despite the Yamba Triathlon coinciding with two other large races - one in Queensland and another iconic event in Hawaii - competitor numbers were still well over the estimated turn-out.

"We had about 540 competitors over the weekend, and about 800 spectators, which was great," Emerton said.

"Unfortunately, the other races were on the same weekend, so next time we will probably pull it back to September to fit it in with the national schedule.

"Then the big boys will use this as a hit before they head to Hawaii."

Amateur racers were alongside the likes of racing royalty, with world-class athletes pounding the pavement at the weekend.

Emerton said he hoped to introduce some of the locals to the sport.

"We hope people will think if they can do it maybe I can do it too next year," he said.

Emerton described Yamba as the "perfect place to have this event" with beautiful parks, great roads and stunning beaches - all in the one place.

"Give us three to five years, and I reckon we will have 3-5000 people down here," he said.

"We're here for the long haul."

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