Yamba Yoga ready to go in October

GET ready to bend and stretch, the Yamba Yoga Festival will be a two day celebration of yoga and mindfulness. Featuring 25 yoga instructors from the local area and beyond, with a diverse program of 45 classes that will allow participants to embrace a variety of yoga styles in classes suitable for beginners and seasoned yoga students.

The Yamba Yoga Festival is created by Rosie Richards who also runs the Bendigo Yoga Festival. This festival enables local yoga instructors and business to connect with visitors and the wider North Coast community.

"The Yamba Yoga Festival offers you a chance to sample a wide range of experiences with interactive workshops of different styles of Yoga, Soundbaths and mindfulness classes that aren't available in our daily lives, honour yourself by participating and soaking up the knowledge that this incredible weekend has to offer,” Ms Richards said.

"The Yamba Yoga Festival is about connecting with your local community of like minded people, awakening to your true potential and expanding your mind, body and spirit . It's a festival for nurturing yourself so you can embrace the future. The Yoga festival also offers workshops for you to take away knowledge and start your own life of daily practice of Yoga.”

The festival will also feature: Crystal Singing Bowls, Mindfulness, Essential Oli's, Ayurvedic Medicine, Kirtan, Massage, wellness practitioners and more.

Meet some of the instructors:

Chara Caruthers (Balina)

Chara Caruthers is a passionate and outspoken advocate of the power of living your bliss. She's a longtime yogi and wellness evangelist for hyper-busy women who are aging too fast and killing themselves softly every. Single. Day. An ex-corporate engineer and wanderer by nature she's travelled, lived, and taught all over the globe and is grateful to have studied with an extraordinary group of world renowned teachers.

These days, as a yoga therapist, ayurvedic practitioner and wellness coach, she devotes her time and energy to using the tools of yoga and Ayurveda to support and empower women to recover their vitality and live juicier more connected lives. Her challenge is clear and powerful...Know yourself, Love yourself.

Madelaine Fisher (Urban Yoga) Perth

Madelaine's teachings allow you to build strength and resilience, being challenged in a safe way so you can develop a few extra tools for your belt to take out into life. Perhaps the key feature of Madelaine's classes though is a deep, soothing, restorative relaxation at the end, leaving you feeling truly rejuvenated and invigorated afterwards.

"Urban Yoga allows each and everyone of us to move with balance, grace and strength in amongst the chaos of our modern world. In a world where we wake up tired every day, stressed & rushing around on a daily basis, caffeine-fuelled, digitally-saturated, and demands left, right and centre, Urban Yoga is the path to reversing the impacts of stress and being truly healthy and happy”.

Russell Vitale (Vita Yoga Byron Bay)

Vita Yoga began it`s humble beginnings in a wedding tent from New Delhi, on Belongil Beach Byron Bay in 2012. After 6 years of guidance under Mysore Yogacharya Master, Bharath Shetty, Russell Vitale has nurtured a yoga practice that honours the traditions of foundational Hatha from India. Russell believes in the connection of all beings from Mother Earth unto the brilliant cosmic dance above and loves to share the infinite possibilities within us all.

Jo Kelly (Mantra Music)

Jo Kelly is an award winning singer songwriter and qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. She teaches and practices mantra chanting, harmonium, yoga and Ayurveda. Jo was awakened to her spiritual path in 2005 by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (The Art Of Living Foundation, India) where she discovered pranayama, chanting and devotional music. She fell in love with the healing sounds, exotic instruments and classical mantras that touched her heart and helped her find inner peace. Since India, Jo's music and singing has become deeply inspired by the loving healing powers of sacred sound and she's recorded a range of CDs for yoga and meditation under her brand 'Cafe Mantra'. Jo travels throughout Australia and overseas to festivals, yoga retreats and events to share the sounds of spirit and the science of mantra with yogis worldwide.

When: October 14/15

Where: Raymond Laurie Sports Centre 78 Angourie Road, Yamba

Price: $35 admission for one day. 2 day pass $65.

Tickets online or at the door. More info & tickets: www.yogafestival.com.au

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