FANCY yourself a rock star but don't have much musical talent?

Never fear, because you still have the chance to hit the stage with popular American rock band MGMT at this year's Falls Festival at Byron Bay.

One lucky person will join the band onstage during their performance of their song, Your Life is a Lie.

Your instrument will be - wait for it - a huge cowbell.

MGMT's show at Falls Festival will incorporate their trademarket psychedelic visuals, with tunes from their new self titled album as well their pervious hits.

But they need one person to help them onstage to play a "monstrously huge cowbell that looks like it would be more at home hanging round the neck of Godzilla".

"The audience member will wield a giant drumstick, punctuating each 4/4 bar with an almighty clonk," according to Falls Festival organisers.

So how do you win?

Boogie Nights, on December 31, is the first night of Falls in Byron Bay and it is planned as a fancy dress affair.

A best dressed competition will be held at the Amphitheatre Stage at 6.10pm and the winner will find themselves on stage with MGMT.

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