Eating fresh fruit and vegetables does not have to break the budget.
Eating fresh fruit and vegetables does not have to break the budget. Choreograph

You don't need money to burn to eat healthy

HEALTHY living is often portrayed as something that is only accessible to those with money to burn. But that's not the truth at all. While some trendy "superfoods" can be super expensive, healthy living at its core involves simple and whole foods. There's no reason why saving money or living frugally should come at the cost of your health.

It's important to keep yourself and your family trim and healthy, and it definitely doesn't cost a fortune. We love healthy eating and healthy living, and we want people to get over the idea that they are expensive and inaccessible options. So here are our simple tips for healthy eating on even the tiniest budget.

Eat seasonally and locally

These days we're used to getting whatever fruits and vegetables we want to have all year, but the reality is fruits and vegetables taste best when they're in season, not when they've been artificially ripened months down the track. In-season vegetables, particularly when purchased at your area's farmers' market, can also be much cheaper and be better quality than what you're getting at the chain supermarkets.

Eat less meat

Whether you're at the supermarket or at a restaurant, meat is always the most expensive thing on the menu. Now I'm not saying you have to ditch meat altogether, but limiting meat to a few times a week is an easy way to cut back on calories and expense. Most Australians eat far too much meat and this causes stress on our hearts, kidneys, waistlines and wallets. Try new recipes of beans and pulses, tofu, eggs and fish instead. It is better to eat smaller amounts of good quality lean meat than to eat cheaper fatty meats seven nights a week.

Grow your own

We believe that everyone has space to grow something in their home. Even if you live in a small place or somewhere without a garden, herbs can be grown on windowsills and balconies. For those with most space, simple vegetables can provide nourishing and affordable healthy foods all year. The produce you grow is packed full of nutrients because you have picked it at its prime. You can reduce waste and have a positive impact on the planet while saving yourself some serious dough.

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