MARK Paterson would not have picked himself as a suitable subject for hypnosis.

"I was a real sceptic before this," he says of his national television debut, on Daryl Somers' new TV show, "Now you are Back in the Room."

Mr Paterson's episode goes to air on Channel 9 on tomorrow night.

And he has been assured that his performance, and that of Mr Somers' other guests (or victims) is hilarious viewing.

The retired military officer says the hypnotist, Keith Barry, from Ireland, is absolutely the real deal.

"Having been through this experience, I can honestly say it has changed my thinking on hypnosis," he told The Gympie Times yesterday.

"They say strong willed people can't be hypnotised, but I'm convinced anyone can be."

The story began when he was watching television with his wife Lindsay.

"We saw the ad for people willing to be guests on the show and she said she would nominate me," Mr Paterson said.

"I thought she was joking.

"But she not only nominated me; I was among those selected.

"I can only describe it as a state of absolute relaxation.

"If you imagine your brain in two halves, with one half being rational and telling you not to do things and the other half being up for anything and open to suggestion, it is like the rational half shuts down and the creative and suggestible side takes over."

"This is where I think the process of suggestion comes into it," he said. "The whole process was quite bizarre.

"When you see some of the things we do, you'll say, 'What the hell were they thinking?'

"Not much is the only answer I can give," he said.

The question I asked was, 'Wow, is that really me doing that?" Apparently it was, he admitted when we spoke to him yesterday.

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