Young Aussie surfer admits shark seflie was a fake


AUSSIE grommet Alex Hayes has admitted that his selfie with a  shark is a photoshopped fake. 

The young surfer told Pedestrian that he never expected the photo to get as much attention as it did after he posted it for a laugh.

"Ya got me, no harm done," he wrote on Pedestrian. "It's pretty funny. I didn't really expect anything like this to happen so it was a bit of a surprise."

"My good mate Alex Gray and I, we had a little play around with this photo of a shark and thought it was a bit obvious and uploaded it for a good laugh ... Now I know what it feels like telling a kid that Santa Claus isn't real."

"In some seriousness, I've always loved sharks, and I always kick up a stink when I see people wanting to "cull the sharks" and that they are all "man-eaters", when it's clearly their ocean and we are entering their home so we just have to respect that!

"Enjoy the ocean for what it is, always knowing the risk is there!"


EARLIER: Young Aussie surfer snaps selfie with a shark 

AN Australian surfer took what at first appears to be a snap of a trip out on the water… until you notice the shark lurking behind him.

Alex Hayes posted the photo on Instagram, apparently so relaxed about how close it was that he pulled a face for the picture.

"So I went out for a paddle out front, decided to stop have a rest and then saw this bad boy, [sic] at first I freaked and then I saw that he was a chiller and just cruisin," Hayes wrote in the caption.

"Luckily I brought my gopro, otherwise no one would have believed me… Changes my perspective about sharks - they aren't all dangerous!"

Hayes' Instagram photo had received almost 6,000 'likes' at the time of writing.

One person commented: "This gives me anxiety just looking at it."

Last week footage showed what is believed to be one of the biggest Great White Sharks ever captured on film. The diver in the water was trying to give the 20 foot beast a high five before retreating back into his cage.

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