Young bros eager to play

A CONFIDENT Brothers Cricket Club will face a mixture of youth and experience when it takes on Harwood as the night competition continues tonight at McKittrick Park.

Brothers will attempt to play its natural brand of aggressive cricket against one of the form teams in the region.

“We are looking pretty strong and we should be at near full strength,” Brothers captain Michael Summers said.

“We have a good balance with both bat and ball.

“It will be a challenge against Harwood, but we just have to attack their dangerous players.”

Harwood captain Tim McMahon said his squad will feature around seven of the Harwood Premier League squad and was 'keen to have a hit' in the night competition.

“They (Brothers) are a confident bunch,” he said.

“We played them a few weeks ago and it was a fiery game.

“It will be good to see what happens.”

Summers said the cricket community had missed the pleasure of playing under the McKittrick lights.

“Everyone enjoys playing night competition,” he said.

“It's good to have it back here in Grafton.”

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