Rubbish on the streets of Grafton for kerbside cleanup
Rubbish on the streets of Grafton for kerbside cleanup Adam Hourigan

YOUR SAY: Plenty of talk about rubbish

IF THERE'S one thing that everyone seemingly has an opinion on, it's the annual kerbside rubbish cleanup.

Whether it's the bargains they find, to the schedule that council keeps, our readers have been vocal about what's going on when it comes to the lineup of debris we hoard inside our house until this time of year.

And while many have decried the fact that council have fallen behind in their schedule, it seems it's one other pile practice is getting on the nerves of our readers.

Posting on The Daily Examiner facebook page, many readers are annoyed at the lack of etiquette show by those helping themselves to the piles that have been left out just a little bit longer.

Dani Elle Summerill posted: "Not happy with the people that ripped open all the garbage bags I put out and left a mess for me to clean up.”

Janet Coleman continued: "Have no doubt the pick up will occur soon. My gripe is the folk that come and drag things out from the pile knocking other stuff over then leave stuff on the pile that they have picked up somewhere else, Dyson Vac, empty metal tool box, wire racks etc.”

"Story doesnt end there...someone left a Dyson barrel on our pile, two days later someone else came and took it. Ah well one mans rubbish is another man's treasure - hope the twice removed vac found a happy home lol.”

Many of our readers had suggestions for how the pickup could be streamlined.

Melanie Kamoto said: "We've moved from Wagga Wagga back to Grafton this year Wagga just brought in the bin system that is already in place here. They dont do kerbsidr cleanup. However they allocate 1 free collection date per household and you can book in a date for them to come to your property and collect unwanted items. The same as kerbside cleanup however without all the rubbish out the front for WEEKS/Mths.”

Margaret Simons continued: "Maybe they should do kerbside clean up a couple of times a year,some places look like the whole house is out the the red bin should be empty every week,just think all them dirty nappies can't be good for our health!”

Some had sympathy for the workers though, showing their support.

Kendall Mckenna said: "If people put out a box trailer sized load it would make it easier for the men that are collecting but some piles are massive”

Ben Young also felt some sympathy on the situation saying: "I feel sorry for the blokes having to pick up everyone elses rubbish some piles are just filth.”

Council has stated that the pickup is running behind due to the vast amount of rubbish left, but it will be collected.

"There has been an overwhelming amount of material to collect this year," Clarence Valley Council environmental officer Suzanne Lynch said.

"We can only estimate the quantity of material people will put out for collection, and this year the amount has exceeded the estimates."

Ms Lynch assured residents they will continue to work through the list of locations as they were first published.

"We might be a little behind, but we will get there and people will not have to wait long," she said.

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