YOUR SAY: Is the Premier doing enough about border closure

COULD the NSW Premier be doing more to help people disadvantaged by the QLD border closure? The Daily Examiner put the question to readers to get their thoughts on the matter. Here are a selection of opinions from around the region:

Jill Mitchell: We were a country united regardless of borders in sickness & in health until COVID-19. The QLD Premier has gone too far this time.

Melissa Ann Bamback: There needs to be a border checkpoint say for example from Coffs Harbour so Sydneysiders can't come up to the north coast unless for family reasons so people on the north coast are more freely able to come into QLD!

Richards Gwilym: The Premier of NSW doesn't care for rural areas of NSW she is only concern for Newcastle Sydney Wollongong. The Liberals and the National's have Failed Rural NSW. But Trust Labor either

Christopher Blanchard: NSW needs to enforce its own border restrictions come Christmas so we can access our local camping spots and the Queenslanders can put up with the heat and lack of decent spots with crocodiles and jelly fish in their own state!

Tom Porter: I know this doesn't concern all the Graftonites on here, but Tasmania had decided to keep its border closed until at least December (0), SA still has its borders closed (0). NT went to an election today with its borders closed (0).

Paul Hewitt: What CAN she do its quite clear the QLD Premier is pigheaded enough to say QLD hospitals are for Qlders there is no constitutional power she can exert same as the PM state run health and states run internal borders.

Tina Garry Downes: We can only hope the QLD border closure fiasco highlights the extreme lack of medical services & resources in northern NSW. With soo many people needing to use Gold Coast and Brisbane hospitals for surgeries, oncology etc etc - surely this proves the need for facilities for those of us living so far from our state capital?

Irene Winters: Don't think she can do much when Anna is being heartless towards emergency health needs, enough is enough Anna, have a bit of compassion for people and stop thinking about the election.

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