Photo from The Daily Examiner in January 2013, showing the Clarence River in flood.
Photo from The Daily Examiner in January 2013, showing the Clarence River in flood.

YOUR SAY: Who owns our water?

SO WE have all attended the various Anzac Day services in the Clarence Valley and done our best to feel allegiance with the Diggers and what they thought they were fighting for in the many wars of the 20th century and since.

I can only wonder what any one of those wonderful Diggers would have thought of the mentality of those who seem to think they are in command of who should be allowed to use the hallowed waters of the Clarence River in 2018.

We have various distinguished leaders speaking "on behalf of the Clarence Community” saying we would not want to share our valuable asset.

Even "our famous Australian Daryl Kerrigan” has been lined up by them, on that side of thinking.

I would be extremely surprised if our Diggers or Daryl Kerrigan would have such a narrow "not in my backyard” opinion.

They would be looking at Australian citizens as a whole and what is fair - not sitting on their own little dung hills saying look what I've got, you're not having any - I don't care if you fellow Australians are in dire need of water.

Farmers don't even own the water in their dams, they have to pay a fee for the right to catch water from the sky.

So how do the people who happen to be living in the Clarence Valley get to own the water in the Clarence?

Our drinking water doesn't even come from the Clarence.

In flood time who whinges about all that water daring to come out of the Clarence and muddy up the houses, destroy all the crops and drown animals and possibly people.

The whinge on this "sharing the water issue” is that in dry times the Clarence gets salt to Copmanhurst and there is no irrigation available...this happens periodically now.

If damming or diversion occurred, the water would be taken/blocked during the high flow times when the water would otherwise be flooding out of the river bed causing the mayhem us locals have experienced far too many times.

I would like to think our local leaders could bring themselves to look at the big picture and acknowledge all Australian citizens have a right to share that which is available in our great land.

Negative pictures have been painted as to how it could affect us locals, but one only has to travel "up the hill” and have a look around at what the country looks like away from the coast to appreciate our fellow Australians are hurting and we could help them.

Besides a scheme that would mitigate Clarence floods would have to be worth considering.

Sarah Anderson, Coutts Crossing.

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