Editorial - Friday, November 22: You’re welcome, I guess

I'M PRETTY cynical about Clarence Valley Council's proposed tourism restructure.

I read the report and attended the meeting but I still feel like I'm missing something for the decision to be made so quickly after the report was released.

Perhaps all that needed to be discussed was discussed at the workshop but I, for one, was disappointed to see so little public debate around the issue.

I'm confused as to how the council thinks it can do a better job of providing the region's tourism services, as the report itself even states it's traditionally more expensive for local authorities to operate such services due to higher staffing costs.

I've said it before, but budgeting for the council to do anything is like budgeting for a wedding - you may as well double or triple the cost. But then it's not about cost-cutting, is it?

All that said, I congratulate the council on deciding to provide a breakdown of councillor expenses.

I think it's wonderful to see our local authority leading the way in terms of transparency and going above and beyond what is legally required.

The Daily Examiner was quite happy to let the council take all the credit for the move and present itself as forward thinking, but in the council report and discussion, some elected officials and officers seemed quite determined to, through gritted teeth, attribute the change to The DEX.

Despite the quips, I take relief in the fact that if they thought it was a bad idea or a waste of time, they wouldn't have bothered doing it.

Jenna Cairney,

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