Youth does its bit in clean-up raking in 340kg of rubbish

A TWO-HOUR clean-up in South Grafton has produced a haul of rubbish almost as heavy as a five-metre tiger shark.

As part of Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday, Seventh Day Adventist Church youth group Grafton Pathfinders took their gloves and rubbish bags to parts of Swallow Rd's high vehicle detour area.

Pathfinder director Jeremy Johnston said in the time they were there, the group collected about 340kg worth of rubbish.

Thankfully, it doesn't appear to be the same case everywhere.

Grafton Jacaranda Girl Guides leader Vicki Marsh was pleasantly surprised to find their nominated area at See Park was already in good shape.

She helped oversee a one-hour clean-up involving 17 guides at See Park on Monday evening, and described it as "amazingly clean."

"We only collected one bag of recycling and half a bag of rubbish," Ms Marsh said.

"The only downside was the disgusting state the barbecues were left in."

Andrew Patterson, who coordinated a local clean-up at Seelands, was also pleased with the small amount of rubbish the group of 14 collected.

"Overall, I would estimate we only collected a quarter of what we did last year," he said.

"Unfortunately, there are (some people) who still think it is okay for them to throw rubbish from their cars when driving.

"Part of the reduction in rubbish could also be due to the fact that we have a number of local people who regularly walk and pick up rubbish they find on the roadside."

Over 526,268 volunteers donned their gloves on Sunday for the 25th Clean Up Australia Day, to remove rubbish from around 6165 sites across the nation.

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