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Help a Yamba boy with his new heart

vanessajeff 6:03 PM Mar 17th


from Edgewater
Help a Yamba boy with his new heart

I am currently trying to raise money for my friend Liam from Yamba, who has just undergone heart transplant surgery. We met travelling in Paris in 2014 where he was my first friend in the city. I was constantly amazed by his genuine and kind spirit, his outgoing personality and his strength. Liam suffered Leukaemia multiple times as a child but has more spirit, more fun and more enthusiasm for life than anyone I know.

Unfortunately, Liam started getting sick late 2015 and found he needed to return to Australia to seek medical care. He was diagnosed with heart failure and needed to find a new heart. Liam's surgery was performed successfully but he has a hard road ahead of him and will need to stay in Brisbane for rehabilitation. The experience will obviously be highly stressful for him and I want to give him some help to ensure money is the last of his worries during this difficult time.

I deeply appreciate any help you can give.