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Letter to GBH

shellsie_2001 4:45 PM Jan 02nd


from Grafton

To the elderly woman on Reception (in the Emergency Department) at Grafton Base Hospital,

I felt the need to let you know that your rude, inconsiderate and less than friendly manner towards me was uncalled for. Before I even was able to see the triage nurse you pointed me out to a room full of people with "hey, lady in the blue dress!", you chastised me, degraded me, embarrassed me, and all for just taking a seat and thinking I was in the correct area to wait my turn. For your information, I was actually in the middle of a miscarriage. My fourth to be precise. But because of your ill treatment, I went home. I undertook the bleeding, cramps, emotional turmoil and physical pain without medical intervention as it seemed like a better option than being belittled and degraded in front of a room full of people.
It's time for you to retire old lady, before you cause someone real damage.