March 2020

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Veteran journalist Leigh Sales has unleashed on Prime Minister Scott Morrison in a fiery interview, grilling him on several tough issues.

‘You’ve done nothing’: Sales unleashes on PM

"It is easy to stand to the side and comment on others!"

January 2020

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New South Wales has been plunged back into a state of emergency, but what does that actually mean?

What does a state of emergency mean?

"It is not only a climate issue, it would have happend anyhow and it wil happen again. We only don't..."

December 2019

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A firefighter from a small NSW town has written an open letter to Scott Morrison, calling him out for his “complete inaction” on the bushfire crisis.

‘Listen to me’: Firey’s letter to ScoMo

"What is he proposed yo do? He didn't lite the bushfires, nor is he responsible for it. We should blame..."

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There are hopes a new national independent evidence body will help put an end to ideological battles and reverse Australia’s declining literacy and numeracy standards.

Radical plan to boost school standards

"It is time we start looking at the way people learn to teach. It seems to me that there is something..."

November 2019

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Peter FitzSimons has ripped into Israel Folau for an “absurd” claim as the sacked Wallaby launches fresh action against Rugby Australia

FitzSimons shreds Folau's ‘absurd’ claim

"It is all about money. How christian is that!"

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The Liberation Trail fire has caused widespread devastation through Nana Glen

GALLERY: Bushfire devastation

"Better the trail as houses were people live!"

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Aussie travellers could soon be getting direct flights to London and New York – and if it happens, get ready for some big changes to economy.

Qantas’ radical plan for economy flyers

"And how much is a ticket going to cost then?"

October 2019

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It’s the cult chocolate bar that has caused chaos in supermarkets. But this guy hates it so much he burned an entire box, and people are furious.

WATCH: Fury as man burns ‘$16,000’ of Caramilk

"And this is news? Who cares!"

September 2019

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Which Climate Change protest sign from the Grafton strike stands out for you?

PROTEST: Who said it best?

"What about those signs they are holding up, the rubbish they leave behind? Is that good for the..."

May 2019

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Nats MP says he wanted no gun money and received none

Hogan demands apology over election ad

"Parties all get money from bussinesses and others. Nothing new there. Donations to a party are legal..."

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