January 2020

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Emergency services were called to a two-car collision on the Pacific Highway, north of Ulmarra on New Year's Day.

New Year's Day Smash

"If anyone is wondering who the person in the middle of the road is, it is me, a big thank you to..."

October 2019

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Two-car collision at Clarenza intersection labelled a tragedy waiting to happen

More victims of notorious highway blackspot

"Every time I am down that way, there are vehicles pulling out in front of you, obviously not locals and..."

September 2019

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Water redirection one of many possibilities in fight to protect whole regions from drought

'The dam will run dry': Mayors explain push for dam

"Isn't this just like everything these days, not enough water, not enough roads to carry all the traffic..."

June 2019

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Council motion to stop use of balloons in Valley treated as a 'joke'

Is ban on balloons a matter of 'fun police'?

"As soon as I read the headline, I knew who's idea this would have been, and BINGO, I've won the..."

January 2019

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Clarence Valley road becomes an unofficial part of the Pacific Highway

Why this 'shortcut' is a road to tragedy

"I was nearly a victim of this intersection, earlier this week, a car pulled out in to the north bound..."

November 2018

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How this driver risked their life to avoid more tragedy on the Pacific Highway

'Courageous' action taken by truck driver in rollover

"I am sure this sort of thing happens there quite often, I have seen it at this spot myself, and just..."

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February 2018

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The votes are in, and it's unanimous. If you're turning right, you're in the wrong.

TURNING RIGHT IS NOT RIGHT: Poll results are in

"I have posted on this subject many times over the years, about having traffic lights at intersections..."

January 2018

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Residents and visitors issued with a parking ticket in a crackdown on 'freedom camping' could have their fines waived if they have a good excuse.

Residents fuming over illegal camping crackdown

"Obviously an over vigilant parking booker, must be on a quota to get paid."

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