December 2016

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CHANGES are about to be made to one of Toowoomba's most historic and treasured CBD buildings.

Treasured CBD building to undergo refurbishments

"The council need to get the basic needs of the area in order before they waste money on window..."

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WARNING: Distressing content. This is the horrifying reality of what occurred at a Northern Rivers permaculture college early Wednesday morning.

VIDEO: How could anyone hurt these animals?

"They are slaughtered in a humane manner, so you can stay on your veg diet and you have no need to..."

October 2016

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THE activist group Knitting Nannas held a protest yesterday at MP Kevin Hogan's office in Lismore, attempting to arrest him for "crimes against humanity”.

WATCH: As Knitting Nannas arrest 'Kevin Hogan'

"Psychopaths never grow up, they were born like that."

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CONCERNED resident calls for school principal to be sacked over the display of a photograph of gagged women at a recent graduation ceremony.

LETTER: Principal should be sacked

"Deberh`s problem is, she puts her mouth into over drive before she engages her brain."

August 2016

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Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis woke up devastated this morning with the knowledge an industry and an integral part of his community had been destroyed.

Gulaptis: Greyhound racing ban a 'human tragedy'

"Mike Baird is in bed with Mark Pearson, who implemented this. It is just the tip of the ice berg. ..."

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NSW Premier Mike Baird says decison to end racing "is the right one, even though it has been a difficult one."

Gulaptis crosses floor but parliament passes greyhound ban

"This is just the tip of the ice berg, Horse racing, trotting and the rural industries will be..."

July 2016

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A large majority of people are supporting a call for the NSW blanket ban to be extended across the country.

82% support Australia-wide greyhound racing ban

"Mike Baird is certainly barking up the wrong tree regarding the banning of greyhound racing. All..."

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Saffin bows out of politics: "I did things differently and delivered things that hadn’t been done before."

Labor's Saffin bows out: “I set the standard”

" What a great result in Page. Saffin has found the place where she belongs."

June 2016

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SHE hasn’t breastfed for 20 years but that hasn’t stopped a woman from breastfeeding her boyfriend as part of their Adult Breastfeeding Relationship.

Woman quits her job to breastfeed her boyfriend

"What a waste of milk, she should be feeding a pig. Then she would have an income."

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