January 2017

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RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter has now transported eight marine sting victims in eight days.

Eight in eight days: teen girl latest Irukandji victim

"Apologies, the patient was picked up by LifeFlight at Orchid Beach. Updating the story now. "

December 2016

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It might be an unpopular view in certain sections, but Christmas Day serves as the perfect stage for sports to host their biggest events.

OPINION: It's time we embraced sport on Christmas Day

"This is the first Christmas I didn't travel hundreds of kilometres to be with family. I'd love nothing..."

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After decades spent on the cutting room floor, a TIE Fighter Pilot and Snowtrooper re-emerged at the end of Scarness Jetty on Tuesday morning.

Rogue One a chance to rekindle love for Star Wars

"The film is based on what happens just before the original film (A New Hope, now Episode IV). That..."

September 2016

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Hervey Bay Hockey Association will host the over-60s men's masters in 2017.

Hervey Bay to be home to some of hockey's Masters

"Thanks for your feedback. Hervey Bay Hockey was just announced as the 2017 host so it is news."

August 2016

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A PIONEER of the pool turned one of the Australia's leading surgeons, David Theile's life is unlike most others.

OUR OLYMPIANS: David Theile stands the test of time

"Larry's in the liftout today's print edition and coming very soon to the website. "

June 2016

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Has Queensland won so much that State of Origin has lost its lustre?

OPINION: State of Origin has finally lost its lustre

"I should clarify: we shouldn't throw an Origin, but I might regain a lot of my interest if NSW start..."

May 2016

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The weekly analysis of stats that matter in Bundaberg Rugby League, including Hervey Bay's huge win, and Brothers' continued dominance.

MATTER OF STATS: Seagulls romp to biggest win of 2016

"Hey, Go to this link..."

January 2016

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IMAGINE a world where the three-day weekend was a regular occurrence.

WATERCOOLER: Let's work longer days for three-day weekends

"Great points Vagabond. Penalty rates probably wouldn't continue if a four-day model was adopted."

November 2015

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*spoilers ahead if you haven't seen up to season four episode seven*

Arrow S4E07: Brotherhood review

"I simply picked three series and ran with them. If you have any others you would rather me follow let..."

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*spoilers ahead if you haven't seen season six, episode five*

The Walking Dead S6E06: Always Accountable preview

"The only changes tend to be location, the bad humans and the people in the group of survivors. It..."

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