Facebook taps into kindness of strangers for homeless man

Story Published: 9 Sep 2014

HOMELESS man reaches out on social media for help. One woman drives from Gracemere to Allenstown to give him bedding.

Accommodation Facebook Homeless Web World

Online star Grumpy Cat is now worth $108m

Story Published: 9 Aug 2014

WIKIPEDIA describes Grumpy Cat (real name Tardar Sauce) as "a cat and internet celebrity".

Cat Editors Picks Games And Gadgets Internet Meme Web World

YouTube fancy is seeing double for Rogers twins

Story Published: 19 Jul 2014

FOLLOWING in the footsteps of fellow Mullumbimby musician Iggy Azalea, No Frills Twins Vanessa and Arna Rogers are well on...

Iggy Azalea Music Twins Web World Youtube

Buzzfeed denies using quizzes to pry on users

Story Published: 1 Jul 2014

ALONGSIDE listicles and gifs, quizzes are one of three pillars of BuzzFeed.

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Vine celebs might be torture for Kardashian-haters

Story Published: 3 Feb 2014

IF YOU have never come to terms with the Kardashians, you might struggle with the concept of a Vine celebrity.

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Tom’s Doritos 'Crash the Superbowl' payday

Story Published: 3 Feb 2014

TODAY is the day of reckoning for Aussie filmmaker Tom Noakes with the Doritos Crash the Superbowl competition...

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Liam’s fans atwitter

Story Published: 10 Jun 2013

AUSSIE actor Liam Hemsworth has joined Twitter.

Liam Hemsworth Social Media Twitter Web World

How to get to the top in US, don’t read email

Story Published: 1 Apr 2013

DO YOU feel like the majority of your work day is taken up by emails? US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano...

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Jim Carrey takes a shot at the gun lobby

Story Published: 1 Apr 2013

HOLLYWOOD funny man Jim Carrey has taken a shot at America’s gun lobby with a music video posted on the Funny or Die...

Jim Carrey Nra Web World

Twitter finally patents itself

Story Published: 25 Mar 2013

AFTER years of waiting, Twitter has received a patent for itself.

Patent Social Media Twitter Web World