The Daily Examiner 2014 Sponsorship Application

Sponsorship Overview
Over the years The Daily Examiner has been a proud supporter of many local events and organisations. The relationships formed through sponsorship are greatly valued at the Daily Examiner.
Sponsorship is a relationship between two parties in which there is an exchange of benefits. Both parties seek benefits that are specific in a business arrangement or agreement.
Sponsorship Requirements
Sponsorship with The Daily Examiner can be made in the following ways: -
  • Editorial support consists of news coverage leading up to or during an event.
  • In-kind advertising may consist of the reduction or waiving of advertising charges
The Daily Examiner is required to account for all support provided to a sponsor. This includes in-kind advertising as these are real costs to The Daily Examiner and must be included in the total value in your application.
Sponsorship by The Daily Examiner is considered a commercial relationship and should provide quality sponsorship benefits and high quality profiling opportunities. The number and quality of the benefits provided should directly relate to the requested amount.
The Daily Examiner will not enter into any relationships that might be interpreted as an attempt to influence our business, conflict with our objectives or cause public concern.
Once form is completed, please return by email to:
Or mail to:
Sponsorship Request
The Daily Examiner
PO Box 271
Grafton NSW 2460
Please return by Friday 14 February 2014 if you wish to be considered for sponsorship by The Daily Examiner in 2014